How to update the firmware?


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Explanation :

FirmWare is the name given to the software embedded in the camera.

It is the latter that communicates between your actions and the camera's on-board electronics.

By updating the firmware, you will have new features and improvements to take full advantage of your Cambox®


No need to install the firmware if it is already installed, check the current firmware version beforehand!

How to install the latest firmware version?

(1) Remove the MicroSD memory card from your Cambox and place it in the SD drive of your computer

Copy the OTA file update

(2) Download the firmware update file

Visit our website

Select from the horizontal menu

☞ Support ☞ Camera Updates

Click on the "Update" button to download the file to your computer.

The file has such a name with the version number here below it’s the 1.2.3 version : 


Copy this downloaded file as is without modifying or renaming it to your memory card


Before launching the update, make sure that your camera battery is sufficiently charged!

(3) Once the file has been copied, insert the memory card into the Cambox

(4) Restart the Camera

(5) At startup, the camera will automatically launch the installation of the new firmware. The camera will flash between 10 and 14 minutes with the flashing light

(6) The camera turns off automatically, the update is complete!

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